Individual training solutions

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Remote system

Trainings in Remote mode are conducted in virtual laboratories on remote machines:

  • prepared by CTS in case of proprietary trainings
  • prepared by software manufacturers, for instance Microsoft, IBM and some VMware.

Trainings in the Remote mode can be attended from any place in the world , without the necessity to come to the training room. It is possible to:

  • virtually join a training room with other participants and a trainer in which learning takes place,
  • or to connect virtually to a trainer and course participants being in different places of the globe.

A training course participant has at his/her disposal training materials, works on virtual machines with equipped with full exercises/labs (an entire training environment) and is in a constant touch with the trainer (chat, camera, microphone). He/she can freely talk to other training participants.
In case of connecting virtually to a training room where other students are present in which learning in a regular fashion takes place, it is possible to follow lectures and discussions of participants thanks to cameras and microphones placed in a training room. Questions and participation in discussions are heard by a trainer and other training participants, thus full interaction is guaranteed.

Participation in the Remote trainings entitles to the receipt of the same training participation certificates, as in the case of regular training courses.


Type of study
E-learning Traditional CTS Remote Training
Training location Any Training room Any
Location of the training room No training room Normaly Warsaw or Cracow Does not matter
Trainer / Lecturer No trainer Certified trainer Certified trainer
Trainer location No trainer Training room Does not matter
Journey costs No costs Yes No costs
Accomodation costs No costs Yes No costs
Constant and immediate contact with lecturer
Fixed hour of training participation
Equipment Computer + monitor Computer + monitor Computer + monitor
(optionally second monitor)
Training materials Any Paper or electronic Paper or electronic
Training completion certificate
Training completion time Compliant with an outhorized program Compliant with an outhorized program