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Apache Sohlr

Apache Solr

Training name: Apache Solr

Duration (in days): 1 days


During the training, participant will acquire general knowledge in the field of full-text searching and will learn how to handle with Apache Solr search engine, which will be helpful in using this technology in implementing projects. There will be also introduced advanced issues connected with efficiency and cluster management.


Due to basic level of training, knowledge of Apache Solr or searching issues is not required. Participant should have only elementary knowledge of Java web applications.


Training is aimed mainly at programmers willing to know the principles of how full-text search application works and to learn how to create new searching systems based on one of the most popular search engine – Apache Solr.


  1. Introduction
  1. The basics of Apache Solr
    1. Indexing
      1. Data indexing methods
        1. Index Handlers
        2. DataImportHandler
        3. Apache Tika
      2. Documents commiting
      3. Batch indexing
    2. Search
      1. Basic parameters
      2. Paging
      3. Pseudo fields
      4. Query parsers
      5. Boosting
      6. Results filtration
      7. Facets
      8. Results grouping
      9. Highlighting
      1. Functionalities overview
      2. Using examples
      3. Apache Lucene
      4. Environment preparation
      5. Administration panel
      6. Solr cores
      7. CRUD operations
  • Data model
    1. Schema
    2. Fields types
    3. Atributes
    4. Char filters
    5. Tokenizers
    6. Filters
    7. Dynamic fields
    8. Fields replication
  1. Scaling
    1. Architecture master – slave
      1. Configuration
      2. Replication
      3. Repeater
      4. Many masters
    2. Introduction to Solr Cloud
  2. Production Apache Solr
    1. Hardware requirements
    2. JVM settings
    3. Logging
  3. Java API - SolrJ

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