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OR 3 Training Database Administration Oracle

Training name: OR 3 Training Database Administration Oracle

Duration (in days): 4 days


The OR3 training includes subjects  with creating and managing the database Oracle, with her stores and the access to data.


Creating and managing Oracle databases. Managing resources and data access.


Database administrators.


The acquaintance of the Windows environment and the SQL.


1.Review of Oracle architecture
2.Starting and shutting down the instance
3.Creating database
4.Binary and text parameter files
5.Retrieving and updating data (procesing queries)
6.Dynamic SGA memory management
7.Assuring consistency and isolation of the transactions
8.Managing database structure
9.Memory management
10.Managing undo segments and undo tablespace
11.Flashback Versions Query
12.Flashback Table
13.Flashback Database
14.Flashback Drop
15.Managing table segments and indexes
16.Working with constraints
17.Managing database users
18.Controling resource utilization
19.Managing database access
20.Working with roles
21.Monitoring database
22.Language settings
23.Oracle Schedule

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