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OR 4 Training Optimization (tuning) databases Oracle (SQL)

Training name: OR 4 Training Optimization (tuning) databases Oracle (SQL)

Duration (in days): 4 days


In order to train teaching diagnosing and the problem solving is associated with the database Oracle.


Student learn how to diagnose and solve common performance problems.


The training is for administrators, designers and programmers of databases Oracle.


Acquaintance of the Windows environment, SQL and of administration of databases Oracle


1.Methodology of tuning database
2.Optimalization of data structures
3.Optimalization of data access
4.Alert file and trace files
5.Tools and database catalog views used during tuning
6.Optimalization of SQL statements
7.Tuning operating system
8.Configuring database
9.Effective use of database blocks
10.Optimalization of I/O.
11.Tuning Oracle instance
12.Tuning redo logs
13.Tuning undo segments
14.Optimalization of sorting
15.Monitoring and lock detection
16.Tools in Oracle Enterprise Manager

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